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"Sarvaroga Nivarini Hamsadhwani"

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       The word raga originates in sanskrit and was defined as The act of coloring or dyeing (the mind and mood or emotions)therefore refers metaphorically to any feeling especially love, affection, sympathy, desire, interest, motivation and joy.
      Hamsadhwani means "sound of swans".In Indian mythology spiritually the hamsa commonly heard names for swans.They are described as messengers,symbol of the spirit,Vehicle of Saraswati,the goddess of knowledge.Hindustani compositions compared to other birds like the Peacock,Koel and Papiha,however there are the names of some ragas that carry reference to the bird.The more popularly heard is Hamsadhwani an important from the South Indian art music tradition.
      Hamsadhwani raga is an energy giving,provides good thinking and it is a bright,auspicious raga,well loved, easily identified due to its distinctive charm.This raga been created by Rama Swamy Dikshitar, father of Muthu Swamy Dikshitar.Lord Ganesha abound in this raga.
       Hamsadhwani raga is curative for Heart Disease,Nervous Irritability, Neurosis, Worry and Distress, Stone formation,Burning sensation, Sleeplessness and Anxiety.Good for nerves cures like slight headache and Sinus problems.Hamsadhwani raga should be listen at early night around 09 to12.
"Vatapi gana patimbhaje" is in Hamsadhwani.
"Thrijagamule nerugu deva devudu" is an Annamacharya keerthan.