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"YOGA" means Union of Mind and Body.

             According to Hindu Philosophy Lord Shiva the "Adi Yoga" also known as Nataraja, the king of Nritya, the Cosmic Dance. In Hindu scriptures depict Shiva in "Dhyana Mudra" or in "Tandava Mudra". So Dance and Yoga originated from the  same source of Shiva.There are many similarities and connected with each other.

            There is a relationship between Breath and Atman. It explains very beautifully in terms of Shakti and Shiva, the energy which in the physical dimension is breath. The practice of Yoga and Dance makes a Sadhaka to awaken the Lord Shiva through Shakti which means the consciousness through Pranayama and Yoga. Dance symbolizes the external World and the inner consciousness ad Shiva, the Nataraja.

           There are different outcomes having a harmonious body, mind. First one is physical health by practising Yoga asana and Pranayama. This can also be achieved through practice of Dance. Second outcome Yoga, Dance can achieve relaxation and concentration. Third dimension of yoga is felt at the level of prana, pranayama. The technique of regulation of breath and maximization of prana.

            As Yoga and Dance have an intrinsic bond in our culture. It is believed in Indian philosophy that Music and Dance have a connection with God and practicing these is nothing less than Yoga sadhana. There is a lot of evidence which shows that Music and Dancea are Therapeutic and Doctors now a days especially this pandemic time using this ad Therapy for Covid patients.

        Let us all try to reach the Union of Body and Mind and The union between Shakti and Shiva.

OM...OM... OM...  


 T. V. Sirisha
(kuchipudi Dancer, vocalist, veena player )


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