"The Dance allows you to be awake and alive all the times".

        Energy balance is important. Dancing is one of the ways to get positive energy. Dance can send good vibes. Listening or Dancing to music, such as the beating of drums, can energize our physical body. When we dance, it attracts positive energy which is natural motivator.

       Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another. Energy moves in waves, waves moves in patterns, patterns moves in rhythm's. We are just that, energy, waves, patterns, rhythm's. Nothing more or less, A Dance.

     Energy is all about how the movements happens. A Dancer can communicate the meaning of a Dance with the energy, they put into it because it is the energy that connects the emotion. There are many positive effects being a dancer. It improves our physical and mental properties. The official definition for dance therapy is "The Therapeutic use of movement to improve the mental and physical well - being of a person".

    Dance will generate positive thoughts, positive feelings and attract positive life experiences. A thought is energy, it always wants to manifest itself. Freedom, Happiness, Richness, Love, Friendship, Health and Wealth are our birth right. Our positive thoughts create our life positive.

   Life is wonderful and beautiful dias, because a positive thinking thoughts is 10,000 times more powerful than a negative thought.

"Try to keep positive energy around us".

Natyamayuri T.V.Sirisha
Kuchipudi Dancer,Veena player
96184 94909

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